Returners Arena: Get 2 Wins First with 3 Teams of 3 Heroes


The Arena is a PvP content where you compose three teams with three Heroes in each team. If you reach a certain rank in the Arena, you will receive Bluestones as a reward. You can also get Medals in the Arena and use them to buy Condition Potions, Jewels, Crystals, Heroes, and Tactic Cards in the Arena Shop.

The Arena opens at Master Rank 10. It is possible to play even if your teams have less than 3 Heroes, but it is not recommended to do so. The Arena is available 5 times a day, but you can spend Bluestones to play more than 5 times.


In the Arena screen, your team status will be displayed on the left side. On the right side of the screen, you can select your opponent, see the overall Arena ranks, check your records, and see your friends’ ranks.


▲ The Arena menu is located at the top right.
▲ You can check your team composition and select your opponent in the Arena menu.

As you have to divide your Heroes into three teams, it is important to distribute your Heroes well in the Arena. You can manage your team composition by clicking on the Team button in the Arena menu.

In the Team menu, you can check the team composition, the combat power of each team, team graph and team tag. Team Tag effects are applied in the Arena, and the Heroes that are in Exploration can be in the Arena teams.


▲ Three teams of three Heroes.

When team composition is done, you can select the player you want to fight in the Opponents tab. Click on the Battle button, check your Battle Settings, and click on the Next button at the bottom right corner to proceed to the battle.

You cannot change targets or use Tactic Cards in the Arena. You can check each Hero’s primary target before the battle begins, but you are not able to change it.

The battle will take place for a maximum of 3 times. One team from each side will fight each time, so the winner will not move on to the next round after winning the previous round. The player that gets 2 wins before the other will be the final winner.

One strategy is to place your 6 top Heroes in Team 1 and Team 2 to get the first two wins. If your opponent seems to be doing the same thing, you can place your powerful Heroes in Team 2 and 3 to get the last two wins.


▲ You cannot change targets or use Tactic Cards in the Arena.
▲ The player who gets two wins first will win the Arena.
▲ You will get Arena Medals as a reward, and your rank will change.


You will be given Medals as a reward, and your Arena Ranking will change depending on your win/loss record. After the weekly ranking has been determined on every Sunday midnight, you will be given Bluestones as a ranking reward based on your standing. If you are in the top 5% you will receive 750 Bluestones and if you are the 1st place player you will receive 5,000 Bluestones.

The Arena Medals are used in purchasing different in-game items in the Medal Shop. You can purchase Condition Recovery Potions, Uncommon and Rare Crystals/Jewels, League Tactic Cards (Stun Immunity, Airborne Immunity, and Red/Blue/White Card Nullification Lv2), and Zhuge Liang, a 4-star Support Hero.


▲ Weekly Bluestone reward based on your place.
▲ You can purchase Consumable Items with Arena Medals.

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