Returners Specter Chase Guide - Dispatch Suitable Heroes and Defeat Enemies Floor by Floor


The Specter Chase is a mode in which players defeat enemies on different floors of a tower. Each floor has conditions of hero placement. This mode can only be played by players who are above rank 30 and players need to have grade 3 heroes or above at least to participate.

On the left is a tower with a number of floors you can challenge. Upon clicking the floor, the right screen shows the monster that appears on that floor, that floor’s conditions, and rewards; you can proceed by clicking the Battle Settings.

On the bottom is the Reset Chase. The very first attempt does not require any ticket, but you need to use it when you have completed all floors. You can also reset your progress if the battles become extremely difficult and you cannot proceed further. The required ticket can be earned every midnight, and you can’t receive additional tickets if you already have one.

On the very left it shows all floors of Specter Chase and how far you have progressed


The biggest hurdle when clearing Specter Chase is the specific conditions of the floors. There are two types: grade and hero class. Participating heroes must be above the 3-star at least, and this increases as you climb up the tower.

Hero class conditions also need to be satisfied. It can be all types of heroes or only one class of hero depending on the floor.

Another hurdle is the number of participating heroes. The number can sometimes be limited to only one even when there is a fair number of enemies, making it much more difficult if your hero is not strong enough to take on all of the enemies.

▲ The number of participating heroes and class


Once you have suitable heroes, you can proceed by clicking the Battle Settings. On the left of the Battle Settings screen, it shows the enemies you will encounter along with your heroes and the enemy team’s targets. The hero placement is done by clicking, and the order of heroes corresponds to which hero you click first.

You can check the enemies’ level, grade, and skills by clicking the enemy portrait. This allows you to prepare necessary steps in advance, so use the information wisely.

Once heroes are dispatched, you can see which enemy targets which hero
Clicking the enemy portrait shows its information


Click Start Battle after placing all heroes. If all of your heroes are defeated, you can continue the battle with 100 Bluestones, which will revive your defeated heroes while the enemies’ HP remains the same.

Note that a hero who joined the last battle cannot be used again for other floors. Use heroes that are at an adequate level for lower floors in order to avoid not having enough strong heroes for high-level floors. Defeated heroes, on the other hand, can be used repeatedly.

The completed floor is shown as Complete on the Specter Chase screen, and you can receive rewards by clicking Claim on the screen. There are many types of Specter Chase rewards ranging from Energy, gold, Demonstones, Relics, exp books, and Soul Choices.

You can continue the battle with 100 Bluestones if your heroes have been defeated, and the enemy team’s HP remains the same
You can receive rewards by clicking the completed floor


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    level 1 Berserker101

    What is the best course of action for the tower? which heroes are best for which bosses?

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    level 2 TheKingAtk

    I recommend Heroes for some Floor Specter Tower

    15 F : I use Xiang Yu or Jane of Kid , Hartmann Wear full Phy Def Gears

    14f : Teajo is best choice , you can use Tesla or Dracula

    13f : Kunoichi ,Jumong, Cupid Nobunaga, Alice , Rasputina....

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