Returners Shop Basics: Draw 11 Gear at Once and Use Gold to Summon Heroes


In the Shop menu, you can buy new Heroes and gear that will make your Heroes more powerful. You can also make microtransactions to buy Bluestones and packages or buy Gear Upgrade Materials with Demonstones.

In the Gear tab, you can spend Bluestones, Friendship Points, or Draw Tickets to get Rare or Normal gear and materials. You can draw one free gear every 24 hours. You can draw one type each day, and once you draw all five types of gear, your options will reset.

If you use Bluestones to draw gear, you can get 3-star to 6-star Legendary or Rare gear. One draw costs 300 Bluestones, but if you draw 11 gear at once you need 3000 Bluestones instead of 300. You are guaranteed to get at least one 5-star, so it is highly recommended that you save up and spend 3000 Bluestones to get 11 gear. Also, when you spend 3000 Bluestones, you have a greater chance of getting 5-star and 6-star gear, and a lower chance of getting 3-star and 4-star gear. The chances of getting 5-star gear increases from 35.0% to 40.8%, and the chance of getting a 6-star gear increases from 1.2% to 1.8%. You can check the percentages by clicking on the Item Acquisition Chance button.

▲ You can buy 1 gear at 300 Bluestones or 11 at 3000 Bluestones.
▲ Buying 11 gear at once will be a batter choice.


You can accumulate Loyalty Points when you spend Bluestones to draw Rare gear, and will receive This Month’s Loyalty Product when you accumulate a certain amount of Points. If you get 300 Loyalty Points, you will receive 17 items in total. You will get 10 Loyalty Points each time you draw 11 Rare Gear at once.

The monthly Loyalty Products will be displayed at the top of the screen if you have enough points, and will be reset when the month changes. The rewards will be sent to you via the mailbox.

You can also spend Friendship Points to draw Normal Gear. Each Normal Gear draw costs 30 Friendship Points, and you can buy 11 gear at once by spending 330 Friendship Points. The Normal gear boxes contain items other than gear, including Energy Points. Lastly, you can draw Enhancement Materials by spending Enhancement Material Draw Tickets. One draw costs 30 Tickets, and you can spend 330 Tickets at once to get 11 materials at once.


▲ Loyalty Points rewards


In the Hero tab, you can summon new Heroes by spending Gold or Bluestones. If you want to spend Gold, you will have to meet a certain conditions. For example, if you want to summon Siren with Gold you have to win 100 times in the League, and if you want to summon Medusa with Gold you have to have 570 Adventure Stars. Alternatively, you can summon new Heroes with Bluestones, in which case you do not have to meet the conditions. Each Hero has a different requirement, and you can check it under the “Summon” button of each Hero.

If you want to make microtransactions to get more Bluestones, you can go to the Bluestone tab. In the Package tab, you can make microtransactions to get in-game items and currency. There is a Starter Pack, Goods Pack, Hero Pack, Gear Upgrade Pack, and Bluestone Pack. With the Bluestone Pack, you can spend Bluestones to get Rare Scrolls or Condition Recovery Potions.

In the Demonstone tab, you can spend Demonstones, which are available by selling gear or in Specter Chase, to buy Specter Crystals, Souls, and Unleashed Gear. The Souls are used in upgrading your Heroes to 6-stars.


▲ You can summon Heroes with Gold if you meet the precondition.

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