The Cards That Will Turn the Tables in Returners: Tactic Cards Basics and Tips


■ Tactic Card Types

Tactic Cards are special cards that can deal damage to the enemy team, heal your Heroes, give buffs to your Heroes, etc. during combat. The Adventure Cards can be activated whenever you want during combat, and the League Cards can be activated only under certain conditions.

You can use three types of Tactic Cards (Red, Blue, and White) during Adventure and four types of Tactic Cards (Red, Blue, White, and Yellow) during League Battles. Each color has its own unique traits.

The Red Cards are used for dealing damage to enemies or inflicting debuffs on enemies. The Red Cards can deal damage to a single enemy Hero or to the entire enemy team, decrease target’s attack speed/movement speed, or decrease target’s damage. There is also a League-exclusive Red Card that eliminates one Hero from each team at the beginning of the battle.

The Blue Cards are mainly for crowd control. The cards can taunt an enemy Hero or inflict crowd control like Terror and Stun. One of the Adventure Blue Card can make your Heroes immune to crowd control for a moment.

The White Cards can give buffs to your Heroes or heal them. The buffs include attack speed buff and PHY/MAG defense/attack buff, and the heal cards can heal a selected Hero. In Leagues, the White Cards will give attack speed or movement speed buffs under certain conditions.

The Yellow Cards can only be used during League matches. The Yellow Cards can nullify the effects of the enemy’s card of a certain color. Lv. 2 Yellow Cards will give additional effects on top of the nullification. The “Red Card Nullification” card will deal damage to enemy Heroes, the “Blue Card Nullification” card will stun enemies for 5 seconds, and the “White Card Nullification” card will heal your Heroes.


▲ Touch the Tactic Card Slot at the bottom left corner first, and then choose the card that you want to use.
▲ The game will pause for a moment when you select the target of your Tactic Card.


■ Limits on Tactic Cards

Tactic Cards can be set up prior to battles in the Battle Settings screen. You can use a maximum of two cards during a battle, and you cannot use two cards from the same color group.

Adventure Tactic Cards are activated right when you use them. Some cards can be used multiple times during a single battle, and other cards can only be used once per battle. There is a cooldown on the cards that can be used repetitively, so it is best to use those cards as soon as the battle starts.

League Tactic Cards are activated under certain conditions so you do not have to do anything more after setting the cards, but there are limits on how many times you can use a certain card per week. If you use the cards more than a certain number of times, you will not be able to use the same card again for that week.


▲ Some cards have weekly usage count. 


■ Obtaining more Tactic Cards

You can get some Tactic Cards upon completing the tutorials. You can obtain more Tactic Cards by clearing some Adventure Chapters, getting some Achievements, and by opening the reward boxes after collecting enough Adventure Stars. Some Lv.2 Yellow Cards and some other League-exclusive Cards can be purchased at the Arena Shop with Battle Medals.

To learn how to obtain certain Tactic Cards, check the Tactic Card tab in the Codex menu at the bottom left corner of the main screen.


▲ Play the Arena to gain Battle Medals.
▲ You can check the Codex menu for more information on the Tactic Cards.

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    level 1 Zerenos

    Dying breath  is a powerful tactic card that can help beat high cp player, use wisely!
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