Basic Guide to Adventure in Returners: What You Must Play to Scale Your Rank & Heroes



■ Adventure: Where Players & Heroes Can Scale Together

Adventure is a part of Returners you must play in order to increase your player rank, scale heroes, and obtain various items and gold.

There are a total of 6 chapters in the Adventure, and each chapter is comprised of 5 regions which you must clear in order to move on to the next chapter; each region is comprised of 10 stages. You will have to fight against a mini-boss in the 5th stage and a boss in the last stage in order to move on to the next region.


▲ You can choose the chapter by tapping the roman numerals either on the left or right side of the map, and start your adventure by tapping the region you would like to play.


You can check the EXP, hero EXP, gold, and items you can get from each stage by looking at the 'Completion Reward' box. The items are obtained at random.


You can get a maximum of 3 Adventure Stars once you complete a stage; you can open a box from the 'Reward List' every time you obtain 10, 20, and 30 Stars. You can get a variety of items from the boxes, including gold, Bluestones, Relics, and enhance materials. Once you get all boxes from the reward list, you will be able to receive the item that is shown on the map for each region.

Adventure Stars can be obtained by finishing each stage, but there are some conditions to getting them; if you manage to finish the stage in less than 40 seconds, you will get 3 Stars. If you go over 40 seconds but have all your 5 heroes stay alive, you will still get 3 Stars. However, you will get 2 Stars if only 3~4 of your heroes survived, and 1 Star if only 1~2 heroes made it to the end.


▲ You can open the last box on the reward list if you manage to receive all Adventure Stars in each stage.


▲ You can obtain the items shown on the map by completing each region; they cannot be looted in the stages.


▲ You will be able to get it only by getting all Adventure Stars for each stage and opening the last box on the Reward List.


■ Battle Settings: Good Preparation Make Battles Easier!



In the battle settings, you can see your team’s CP as well as your enemy’s. You can place which heroes you want in the battle by tapping ‘Team’ and change battle formation for specific strategies of attack. Also, you can pick which Tactic Cards you would like to use or change ally targets to make the battle easier.

You can use the ‘Continuous Battle’ feature if you completed that stage and got 3 Adventure Stars. You can choose between '10 Consecutive Times' and 'Infinite Continuous' when you want to repeat the stage automatically. You can stop the Continuous Battle at any time, and it will automatically stop if you are out of Energy or have no space in your inventory. If you are ready, just tap ‘Start Battle’ to start.

Once the battle starts, you can interfere by using Tactic Cards or changing ally targets by tapping Target Change. The battle results will turn out differently depending on how well you use your Tactic Cards, and changing ally targets to kill the most threatening enemy first will also be very helpful.


▲ Using the Tactic Cards and Target Change well will guide you to an easy victory.



■ Battle Results Analysis: Checking out How the Battle Went

Once the battle ends, you will be able to see the EXP, gold, and hero EXP you gained from the stage. You will also see the number of Adventure Stars you obtained. If you didn’t get all 3, tap on ‘Star Conditions’ to find out what the conditions are.

You can also find out more about how the battle went if you tap on ‘Results Analysis’, which provides you with information like basic attack, normal skill, ultimate skill, critical, abnormal status, and the game time.

Tap on ‘Record’ to find out specific statistics for PHY ATK, MAG ATK, PHY DEF, MAG DEF, Recovery, Drain Amount, etc. for each hero. You can see them even in exact numbers by tapping on each hero’s portrait.



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