The More the Merrier! Returners Hero Acquisition and General Advancement Guide


There are many heroes with strengths in different aspects in Returners, and a player needs to acquire and train many heroes in order to enjoy the content in the game to the fullest extent.

It is recommended that you switch out heroes depending on their condition, as it differs from hero to hero once a player reaches level 20. Having and training many heroes is essential since having a wider variety of strong heroes allows you to receive considerable rewards through the League, Adventure, and Exploration.

The general method of acquiring heroes in Returners is to complete the required dungeon or purchase them directly with Blue Stones at the Shop. Note that heroes who have passed the requirements can be purchased with gold, and there are a number of heroes who still cannot be purchased even with Blue Stones unless you meet the requirements.

Heroes can be purchased under the Hero tab
A few heroes requires specific conditions to be purchased with Blue Stones


The hero’s strength comes from level and rank! How to level and rank up

The acquired heroes can be enhanced by leveling, ranking up, skill upgrades, and through equipping the right runes and equipment. This article primarily focuses on leveling, ranking up, skill upgrades, and runes only, since equipment requires a bit more detail. Click the link if you wish to find out more about equipment.

Heroes can gain experience and level up through Adventure and Exploration. Moreover, exp books can be obtained throughout daily quests, weekly quests, and achievements; these books can be used to more quickly level up heroes.

The maximum level of each hero is different depending on that hero’s rank. Starting from level 15 for a 1-star hero, the cap increases by 5 at each rank, peaking at 45 for a 7-star hero.



A hero at its maximum level can transcend to the next rank. The transcendence needs a certain amount of gold and time, but the time can be skipped using Relics.

The Relic can be obtained from proceeding to certain stages, accomplishing specific achievements, and as rewards from daily and weekly quests.

You have to use Rare Relic when upgrading a 6-Star hero to a 7-Star; Rare Relics can mostly be obtained by participating in the League but you can also get them from the shop or during events.

▲ Relics can be obtained from various sources


The hero’s characteristic is defined by their skills! Skill upgrades

Each hero in Returners has 3 skills in total which can be upgraded up to level 10.

Skill Scrolls, gold, and high enough hero rank are needed in order to upgrade skills. The Skill Scrolls can be obtained at the Skill Dungeon, but this requires a significant amount of energy which increases the further you go, thus a player needs to check the required amount of energy at each run in order to avoid running out.

The Common Scrolls are needed for up to level 3, Uncommon Scrolls from level 4 to 7, and Rare Scrolls from level 8 to 10. The Common and Uncommon Scrolls can be obtained at the Skill Dungeon, but Rare Scrolls can only be obtained at the Challenge Dungeon and the Shop.

Hero Skills are in the Hero Info tab
Skill Scrolls, gold, and a high enough hero rank are needed for skill upgrades


Customize your hero’s strength with runes! Rune acquisition and combination

Heroes can have additional stats with runes. The number of rune slots differs depending on the hero’s rank - 9 slots at maximum for the 6-star hero.

Red runes increase attack, blue is for defense, and the green ones boost support-related stats. You can only combine up to 3 runes in the same color.

Runes can be acquired at the Rune Dungeon. The type of rune that can be obtained differs from hero to hero, and a party must have the required hero in order to run the dungeon. You need to check the dungeon once a day at least as the hero rotation changes every day.

You can combine the hero runes under the Rune tab
Rune Bits are obtained by running the Rune Dungeon
The type of Rune Dungeon changes every day, and each dungeon provides different quality Rune Bits

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