Basic Guide to Altars in Returners: The Shortcut to Faster Scaling


Altars in Returners provide buffs and bonuses for players to scale their heroes and gear even more efficiently. Altars come in 4 different classes: Hero, Energy, Gear, and Rune; you will be able to obtain either rewards or buffs by investing the ‘Essence’ you get every time you rank up.

The Hero Altar provides a buff that increases Hero EXP acquired through Adventure and Exploration. Also, it provides EXP Books daily during the designated time, between 9 AM and 2 PM. If you would like to increase your hero levels as soon as possible, this may come in handy, although it is not the Altar you should upgrade first.

The Energy Altar provides a certain amount of Energy every day at a designated time. You will get more Energy as the Altar level increases, and it is important that you visit the Altar on time since it does not provide any separate passive buff (between 12 PM and 6 PM). Since this game consumes a lot of Energy, many players prefer to upgrade the Energy Altar.

The Gear Altar boosts the material EXP you gain when enhancing your gear while also providing enhancement materials daily between 6 PM and 12 AM. Since gear enhancement has a lot of influence over your overall CP, it is the most popular Altar that many players prefer to upgrade.

Last but not least, the Rune Altar allows you to transfer Rune bits that one of your heroes has to a different hero. After upgrading the Rune Altar, go to the Team - Hero Rune page to press ‘Transfer Rune Bit’. At the lower Rune Altar levels, you can transfer a limited number of low leveled Rune bits to random heroes, but as you upgrade your Altar level, you will be able to transfer higher levels of Rune more frequently to randomly selected heroes in the designated class or even designated heroes later on. However, it is not recommended that you upgrade it since the transfer efficiency of Rune Bits is not great.

For your information, it is impossible to upgrade only one class of Altar of your choice. There are some requirements you have to meet to upgrade the Altars, such as ‘Account Rank’, ‘Essence’, and ‘Sum of All Altar Levels’. The latter is the sum of all Altar levels, and players usually prefer to evenly upgrade the Hero, Energy, and Gear Altars (Rune Altar not included). You can always reset the Altar levels at any time by using gold, so feel free to upgrade the Altars based on your preference, although frequent resets are never good in the early game as you won’t have much gold.


▲ You can find the Altar on the main lobby.


▲ There are 4 types of Altars -- Hero, Energy, Gear, and Rune (from left to right).


▲ You can upgrade the Altar if you meet the required account rank, Essence, and the sum of all Altar levels.


▲ You can reset your Altar levels with gold instead of Bluestone at any time.

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