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    Hello :) This is the current price of Narc Earring as of Jan 20th in KR server

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    Hello, sorry for the delayed response. In KR there is no absolute PvP tier list right now. Kuno, Ninja, Sorceress, Berserker, and Dark Knight are considered as the upper tier classes and the other classes are in the lower tier. There w aren't any big changes to CC and SA since the huge changes that were made earlier this year other than adding more Black Spirit's Rage skills and adding SA to Rage skills.

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    Hello. You can get Caphras Stones from Narc Magic Sealing Stone Reward Bundle (5x Manshaum Voodoo Doll). According to a player who used 126 Narc Magic Sealing Stones, he got 67 Caphras Stones.

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    For the new ship gear, the materials are almost the same except for one kind. Alice Cannon needs Sturdy Acacia Plywood instead of Sturdy Ash Plywood, Light Black Plating needs Elder Tree Plywood instead of Palm Tree Plywood, Water Dragon Prow needs Pure Iron Crystal instead of Pure Lead Crystal, and Blue Breeze Sail needs Trace of Earth instead of Trace of Ascension.

    The stats of the new ship gear are in the screenshot below. Thanks!

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    KR players think that some parts of the changes were good, while other parts are bad. There are no significant changes in 1vs1, but the fact that the Tamer can now poke enemies from a distance using Heilang: Howling is a good change. The Tamer can now start a combo from a distance instead of trying to counter-attacking enemies. However, as the Tamer does not have any long Super Armor duration skills, it is hard to use Tamers in Node Wars.

    And KR players don't like the changes with Cloud Stomping and Cloud Ride either. After the skills changed to Super Armor skills, the Tamer might get hit by the skills that pull enemies and cannot escape safely. However, KR players think that the skills should be reworked again rather than reverting the changes. After the June 7th patch in KR, the Tamer takes less damage during Cloud Stomping and they think that there should be more changes like this.

    Jun 21, 2018 Comment on State of Tamer
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    Cannons can't be placed inside a castle but can be placed anywhere outside a castle. With the changed Conquest War rules, the defending side has more advantages than the attacking side has and that is why the game does not allow cannons to be placed inside a castle anymore. Unfortunately, there aren't many comments/feedback regarding the effectiveness of cannons in KR. There aren't any changes that allow cannons to work as a core strategy in Conquest Wars.

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    The new boss can deal massive damage so you have to be extra careful. The poison damage can be fatal and you can't ignore it. He has different patterns and many of them can be deadly so the fight can be pretty dynamic.

    Here's a video of the new field boss recorded by a KR player. Hope you can find this helpful :)


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    Most of the Valkyrie players in KR don't like the changes. The biggest problem is her lack of mobility and massive stamina consumption. The Valkyrie cannot play PvE/PvP like she used to anymore and a lot of Valkyries are starting to use pre-awakening skills more. The damage itself is not bad in PvP and Rangers cannot break Valkyrie's guard from distance anymore but the overall gameplay became slower.

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    A lot of Witch/Wizard players in KR are experiencing the same issue, but they are still debating on whether it is a bug or an intended change (Accuracy nerf, etc.). We have to wait and see to find out what actually happened. I'm sorry I could not help :(