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Giselle Sturdevant
Social Media, Logitech G
Giselle Sturdevant is part of the social media team for Logitech G. She possess a strong visual and digital media background from pursuing advanced degrees, and uses this background to help shape the Logitech G social media strategy. She is also a lifelong gamer, who credits Lara Croft and Final Fantasy for cultivating her love of games.
  • Voice Chat Off: Working and Playing as a Woman in Gaming

    Conversational in nature, unfiltered in delivery, this panel serves to illuminate the challenges and realities of working and playing in the gaming industry as a woman. Navigating a male dominated field that, historically, has failed to appeal or market itself towards girls of any age has created real obstacles for the women looking to turn a love of gaming into a full time career. This panel discussion followed by a Q & A session will discuss theses issue while providing insights on how to overcome them.

    Emerald Bay
    • Courtney "GlitchxCity" Williams
    • Mandie Roman
    • Skye "Nightris" Bui
    • Susie Kim
    • Giselle Sturdevant