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July 11 - Patch Note: Challenger League, Champion League/Raid, New Kumiho Skin

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The scheduled Maintenance and Update for tomorrow 7/11(Wed) will include the following content.

Be advised that after maintenance you will require to update to the newest version of the game.

Download link: https://goo.gl/Y8DThz

1. Challenger League Open

- Challenger League will be added. The Challenger League, which can be accessed anytime, is League where you will battle against clones generated from the data of Masters that is stored in the League Bureau.
- Test your skills to obtain the following rewards
- Victory Reward: GoldUpgrade Reward: Bluestone, Energy

- Rank All-Clear: Relic, Rare Relic, Specter Crystal, Soul Choice, Wing Choice

* The opponents in Challenger League are automatically added from the data of winners (Heroes/Gears/Tactic Card settings) of weekly League battle records.
* The maximum capacity for Energy is 9,999 and for Friendship Points is 900. Energy and Friendship Points that exceed this limit will disappear so be advised when you claim rewards.

2. New Missions/Achievements regarding Challenger League Added

3. Champion League/Raid Open

A higher rank above Crystal League & Raid will be opened.Champion League Requirements: Crystal League Top 6 & Combat Power 58,000

<Champion League Rewards >

a. League Rank Rewards

b. Rank Rewards per Division

c. Tournament Rank Rewards

d. Raid Clear Rewards

e. Champion Raid Contribution Rewards

4. New Skin – ‘Fox Unit 9’ Kumiho

- Kumiho’s new skin ‘Fox Unit 9’ will be released

- Cost: Bluestone x3,000

- Purchasable within the Skin tab of the corresponding Hero

- Additional Skin Stats: PHY Pierce Max +114 / MAG Pierce Max +116

5. Daily Quantities of Premium Monthly Package Adjusted

A. [As is] Every day 300 Bluestones +200 Energy (30 Days)
B. [After Change] Every day 450 Bluestones +300 Energy (30 Days)

*The current Premium Monthly Package is not as beneficial as the regular Monthly Package. Therefore, the package will be adjusted, and for the Masters who have purchased the Premium Monthly Package before the update, we will make up for the difference as well as compensate them with a bonus reward. Delivery date will be announced shortly.

6. Tactic Cards Rebalanced and Name Change

Confusing terminologies will be fixed.

a. Card Name Change (Adventure)

b. Card Name Change (League)

c. Card Name and Effect Change (Adventure)

d. Card Name and Effect Change (League)

7. QoL Improvements

1) Added a feature to check Server Time in the Lobby. You can now check both Server Time and Local Time in the game.

2) Added a feature to sort Heroes by Condition.

3) Modified so that Hero information can be viewed for Heroes undergoing Exploration.

4) Modified so that continuous battle can stop when a Hero reaches MAX Level.

5) Modified so that number of battles can be set in PvE.

6) Max Stats will be displayed on unpurchased Skins.

7) Fixed an issue where Opponent Record would be displayed incorrectly when viewing other user’s League schedules.

8) Fixed an issue where the gauge bar of Guide Quest would be displayed incorrectly.

9) Fixed an issue with the reactivation of Sun Wukong’s Clone skill.

10) Fixed an issue that prevented to change Countries.

11) Fixed an issue with Guild Raid Rewards after changing Guilds.

12) Fixed an issue that occurred when joining a Guild that requires Approval.


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    level 1 Mojimi

    Very good patch!

    I'm happy that you guys are better translating and explaining the tactic cards, I don't understand what half of them do xD

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    level 1 Senggolbacok


    Hi, i bought the $30 monthly package yesterday... will the daily qty gets updated to the new qty in the coming weeks?

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      level 2 Suleman_Malik


      Pretty sure it will, just wait for them to implement it. they do take a while in regards to these things

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