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An idea for new skins

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We just got a great Collaboration last month with 5 KOF heroes. It's a bit hard to deal with other company to get more collab, why Nexon does not make a collab between itself games. HIT is one of my favourist game and It's easy to find many similar things from HIT with Returners heroes.

Ex: Lucas and Seigfried, Hugo and Leonheart, Anika and Rasputina, Kiki and Little Red, and Lena with Robyn (...hmm, I mean their bows)

atm, with 2018 Halloween event, all of above Returners heroes got their own skins in Korean Server, but a new pack of they HIT skin is really kool, or an all-new HIT heroes pack is a not bad.

BTW, I knew a guy look really fits with Zhuge Lang, he's Prime Yuri from Red Alert II Exp: Stands on a low-flying chair (drone chair maybe), talks with enemies and controls them, calls a "spychic domination" or a lighting storm (from Western) or simple press the nuke button (Yuri can copies everything). A Red Leader named Yuri, Vladimir or Ivan Lang is fun and fit with our Zhuge.


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    level 3 CharliePrince

    thing is they'd have to make sure bringing in unique heroes/etc and not merely copies.. of course there'd be overlaps much like people are saying Iori is basically Rasputina etc.. but still :) i would love to see more crossovers but at this point just more activity and updates in general would be very welcome

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    level 12 TheKingAtk

    This game need change the Name Became nexon all stars =))

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