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MHW Deviljho Heavy Bowgun Setting - Dark Devourer Cluster Bomb setting

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Monster Hunter World custom guide 

Dark Devourer Cluster Bomb Setting Details - 

Weapons: Dark Devourer
Head: Xeno'jiiva Headgear B
Chest: Rath Soul Mail B
Gloves: Xeno'jiiva Claws B
Pants: Xeno'jiiva Spine A
Greaves: Kirin Leg Guards B
Charm: Attack Charm 3

Here is the Heavy Bowgun build in which the Cluster Bomb efficiency is maximized using Razor Sharp/Spare Shot effects (Xeno'jiiva 3 Set Bonus Skill), Free Elem/Ammo Up 3 skills, and Peak Performance 3 skills.

You would need 3 Flawless Jewels for Peak Performance level 3. As for the Augment customization, I recommend HP Recovery.

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    level 1 ZajTheAlchemist


    What mod do you recommend, since I'm not sure what to decide between 3x deviation, or 3x recoil since the recoil doesnt apply to clust lvl3 it seems
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      level 1 Daram


      Hello! You are right! clust lvl3 is not affected by recoil.

      In fact, clust setting is a setting that is not much affected by mod.

      So I do not mind attaching any mods, but when I start the battle, I start by shooting sticky ammo lvl2 and clust lvl2 first. Sticky ammo is affected by recoil, so I chose recoil.

      If you are wondering how to use it, check out this video!

      Thanks for the good question! :)

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