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MHW Long Sword - Non-elemental Longsword setting with Divine Slasher

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Monster Hunter World custom guide -
Long Sword setting with Divine Slasher

The setting is as follows - 

Weapons: Axe of Demons
Head: Bazel Helm B
Chest: Kushala Cista B
Gloves: Kaiser Vambraces A
Pants: Bazel Coil B
Greaves: Death Stench Heel B

Charm: Attack Charm 3

This setting is typical Non-elemental Boost setting, so it needs 'Handicraft' and 'Non-elemental Boost'.

Divine Slasher doesn't have any affinity, it is the weapon that deals the most damage, and it goes well with Elementless Jewel 2 that has Non-elemental Boost Skills.