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Inven Global Forum Use Guide

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Welcome to the Inven Global Forum!

This page is for all gamers who would like to discuss freely on Inven Global. However, please post on the designated subforum if the topic you would like to discuss is specifically related to that.

We would like to announce a few rules about writing posts and using the forum beforehand. Please check our forum policies and rules on the bottom first, and acquaint yourself with the content for us to better communicate with you who participate in using the forum.


You need to register in order to write a post on this forum. The registration can be simply done if you have an account on either Facebook, Twitter, Google, Reddit, or Inven-KR. You can also create an Inven Global account with your own email address.

▲ The registration can be done by simply synchronizing with social media accounts

▲ You can also create an Inven Global account below
if you have your own email address 


Anyone can leave a post on the forum after logging in to their registered account. Press “Start new topic” to start writing a post, and select the forum and subforum where you would like to leave your post by pressing “Select Forum”. You can use many features while writing a post such as attaching an image and/or video, tags, links, and others.

▲ A screenshot showing the process of writing a post

Main features Exposure

The Inven Global Forum generally shows the most recent post on top in order for everyone to have more effective discussions, but you can also filter the list depending on certain characteristics.

Best: posts with most likes
Hot: posts with most likes/replies recently
New: from latest to oldest
Recent: posts with recent activity (like, reply, change)
Follow: posts that you have followed
My topics: your posts

▲ You can filter the list by selecting the category 


This will help vitalize the forum and make it more productive. Click on the Up (△) or Down (▽), or Like/Dislike buttons on the post to like or dislike it. Clicking on the Like icon will increase the post rating, allowing it to be on top of the forum as the top rated post if a handful of likes has been received. One person can only have one like per post.


If you like a certain post or would like to re-read it at a later time, you can follow it by pressing the Follow button on the top right of the post. A followed post can easily be checked by pressing the “Follow” in the list category section.

Search by tag

If you would like to search posts with a specific tag, type in the “#keyword” in the search box.


Please choose an appropriate forum when writing a post. A post written in the wrong forum may be deleted or moved to an appropriate forum, without any prior notice.

Furthermore, below are the Rules of Conduct aside from the forum management policies. Although the content generally follows the management policies, it includes more detailed information regarding deletion and cancellation of posts, among other details.

- Do not use inappropriate or controversial titles and/or expressions. Although we understand that you would like your posts to be seen more often, the use of any controversial and/or inappropriate writing will lead to a deletion of the post.

- Do not deliberately leave excessive replies to make the post reach the top. Meaningless and unrelated replies are considered spamming. This also includes leaving excessive replies on an old post.

- Do not create any posts that will most likely be banned and/or deleted. There is a reason some content is restricted from the forum. Understanding what constitutes an inappropriate post and following the rules is not difficult if you check our policies in advance.

In addition, users who deliberately cause traffic overloads will be blocked from our forum. Any violation of the policies stated above will result in a suspension of 3 days or more. A person with a restricted/suspended account can only check posts and will be unable to post during their suspension time. The suspension period may be extended if the user’s policy violation is considered severe. A constant string of violations will result in the user being restricted accordingly.


You can report a post and the poster with “Report post” if you find one that does not align with the forum policies, and/or contains content that may disturb others, cause any type of abuse, and/or aims to spark major dispute within the community. The icon is located next to the date of posting, and the post will be checked by Inven Global staff upon being reported.

If the post is deemed to be problematic, appropriate measures may take place, including deletion of the post and a penalty to the poster. Keep in mind that a report may have severe consequences, as mentioned; therefore, please be prudent with any report. A false report can result in a penalty for the user who reports a post.

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