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Winner Announcement for the last Week of the LoL Guide Event!

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Greetings, gamers! This is Inven Global.


It’s already the last week of our League of Legends Guide Tool event. Thanks to all of you, we now have amazing LoL guides posted on our website. We were more than happy to see the guides you guys had written. And we are hoping to open another guide event in the future.


So, in order to return the favor, we would like to announce the 5 lucky winners for the 4th event(October 11th, 2018 ~ October 17th, 2018). The winners will be getting 1350 RP as their reward!


Here are the winners -- congratulations!








※ We will be sending out a confirmation email to the winners to make sure the email address is valid and can receive rewards. Please check the email address you signed up with on Inven Global (Go to ‘Account’ page to see the email address you saved to check).


As we mentioned before, we will announce the “Best 5 Guides” among the users who have participated in Event 1. To those who are chosen as a "Best Guide", we will give 10,700RP each.


Winner announcement day will be October 25th. 


※ Additional Information:


  1. The RP winners will receive their RP code via the email address they signed up with on Inven Global.


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    level 2 LuckyGnom


    Eeeeey! So happy ^.^
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      level 4 DamiDM13


      Hey LuckyGnom, did you receive your code? I'm one of the winners as well and still didn't get the code. I already replied two times to the e-mail and I don't know what to do.

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      level 23 haao


      Hello DamiDm.

      I'm Alex of Inven Global. I sent you an e-mail to know information about your account. But there was no answer. Also, I haven't received a reply until now. Maybe there are some errors on email system.

      If you checked this message, Please send an email at Your reply would be a great help to send you the prize for event.

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      level 4 DamiDM13


      oh okay, well i don't know what happened, i replied two times to your email, but i'll try to send it to you manually.

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      level 4 DamiDM13


      Hey Alex,

      I don't know if you received my e-mail yesterday, maybe it landed in your spam folder? If not then we could try another one of my email adresses, or i could just give you my league summenor name and region right here. Anyways, have a nice day.

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