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Ask questions to the players of today's winning teams! [SKT vs KT, KZ vs GRF]

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Ask questions to the players of today's winning teams! [SKT vs KT, KZ vs GRF]

There are two LCK matches today:

SKT T1 vs kt Rolster
Kingzone DragonX vs Griffin

There will be an interview with the winning teams after the matches. If you have any questions to ask the members of the team, feel free to ask by commenting on this post. We'll try to ask as many questions as we can.

- In the LCK, the losing team does not get interviewed so we won't be able to ask the questions on the losing team.

- Only one member from the winning team is interviewed; we do not know in advance who will be interviewed. It could be convenient if you're specific on who you want to ask the question to.

- If there are too many questions, we won't be able to ask all of them.

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    level 1 BenWoodburn58

    What do you think about pineapple on Pizza? For MvP @ktRolster

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    level 1 SSG-Neymar

    With rift rivals coming, did you take time to prepare for this event ? @kt any member !
    Thank you !
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    level 1 MiaMasalunga


    Do you read League Lores? Which champion has your favorite story?

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      level 10 Ready

      @MiaMasalunga Blank was selected for the interview, and we asked this question. However, he replied with, "I don't know the story at all." So the question was excluded from the article :(
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    level 1 Schini_Hu

    @kingzone members: since you started to stream at douyu to interact with fans, are you interested in learning other languages?

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