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Release your inner nerd at Geek TV Night, begun in August. The evening is a RuneScape 2007 gold weekly get together, celebrating all things geeky about television. The evening includes screenings of geeky animations and TV shows, geek trivia games, and a chance to compare Androids. Geek TV Night will finish off the evening with a screening of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The screenings are open to all ages and are donation only. Come and go as you like, with shows beginning on the half hour. Family friendly programming will be presented from 7 8:30pm.
You can no longer feel the impeding doom on re watches because you know how it concludes. On a good show, it doesn matter how many times you re watch it, you still feel the same things, if not more. Not with thrones, no, all because they just couldn think of a better way to end things instead of "one human assassin with some years of training encounters a being that been around for thousands of years and kills it on contact with a single stab".
0 points submitted 5 days agoMore staff and tech seems like the more complicated and expensive option when there is a simple one available. Its mind boggling we even have to debate the effectiveness of something as simple as a wall. Also no one is arguing against more staff and tech and the most effective solution is without doubt staff+tech+physical barrier.
Glen Nagle: Whereas previous missions have landed on the surface and we've driven across that surface, this is a chance to actually dig up that surface. Phoenix has actually already thrown up a few interesting surprises that the Martian soil wasn't quite as acidic or salty. It was actually quite alkaline. One scientist has described it as being good enough to grow asparagus and beans in.
I also love education and want to go as far as I can, but putting it off doesn sound like the worst idea. As others have said, not only do you learn more on your mission than you would in university, but you also learn more about how to study. Throughout my schooling, I been someone who tries hard in class but doesn do a whole lot of studying apart from completing homework and ends up with straight A so I feel like I can relate to you.
My point is a lot of non hunters tend to think all hunters are out there killing every animal they see for enjoyment. Hell most of the people I've met who don't hunt have this initial reaction when I tell them I hunt. The media doesn't help, because you're not going to see "Ethical hunter kills deer and donates meat to charity." On your morning news. It's going to be a story about a millionaire killing a giraffe or some shit.

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