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This is why I pushing bungie for a separate balancing on console and PC. The PvP osrs gold element here is almost fundamentally different than Console it should have its own kind of balance, though to be honest I think a removal in bloom and reduction of AA on 180s would be a good start first. And if those guns are still an issue then a range reduction would be considered.

Doesn anyone know if it actually did drop onto the deck?)EDIT: It looks like a lot of people also saw it, though I guess we won be sure until Elon talks about it, or we see footage from the drone ship!I will say though that I don think it ran out of fuel, or that it ever contacted the deck (as some people have said).
It really depends on the viewers, but I dislike when someone decides to chop up a long video and accomplishes one thing in those 4 videos. Plus if you chop it up too much, it really just seems like you trying too hard to inflate watchers.Think of it this way, if you watching a killer show what the max you want to watch before you need a break.
Why does everyone treat the Courier like surviving the two shots to the head was a miracle and even later on during Old World Blues the Couriers brain itself complains as if it was a big deal yet during game play everyone can take plenty of head shots without giving a shit.
But, I liked the episode even though I am aware of the flaws in it, so I guess I going to get down voted into oblivion for saying that. F*** me right?I get that there are definite flaws with the episode, don get me wrong; but I also just don understand why people are literallly raging so much about it.
I use bic exclusively. I keep 1 on me, and one in a dry sack in my pack. I never actually needed the backup. I keep 2 bagged clusters of cotton balls which are very light. 1 cluster is soaked with Vaseline, the other are plain. The coated ones can sometimes be a little difficult to get started as they are basically a solid ball. I melt the vaseline when making them so they absorb as much as possible. So I wrap one with plain cotton balls which light very easily. The heat from the plain ones melt the inside and soak up the drippings. This gives you a large fire ball which last several minutes and gives more than enough heat to dry any slightly damp tinder. They are very light, the cheapest(maybe a $.01 per fire, probably less), and most consistant(as carrying extra hardly adds weight or cost) method I found.
Now, back in the light and happily remarried, Steve has felt compelled to reach out a hand to anyone struggling to find their way back to true happiness. That why he wrote Climbing Back: A True Story Guide: One Man's Return After Moral Transgression, much needed in today world of metoo and celebrities, politicians and CEOs accused of immoral behavior.

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