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WCG Crossfire Top 3 Medalist

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The WCG Crossfire tournament has ended, The Team SUPER VALIANT won the gold medal in this tournament, ALL GAMERS, and Golden V got the silver and bronze medal. there are still many viewers that are still angry about who won at this event and on their Official WCG Facebook page, they have reacted with many angry emoticons and comments of shame for what happened to Black Dragons. 

WCG Official explained what kind of rules they based their decisions about this Crossfire Issue. For more information about the issue of WCG Crossfire tournament, here's the link of the article.  https://www.invenglobal.com/articles/8709/wcg-2019-wcg-explains-changes-in-semifinalists-of-crossfire?fbclid=IwAR2Bjr_kgEnQtqsh3jQqjRmF3AL81RhpykgbkrnY5IStSai4xYWlGoTN69U

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    level 11 titanraven


    Are they still spamming wcg?? That's awful :(

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      level 11 HeavenlyFaucet


      The spamming halts for the post unrelated to the incident but when WCG announce a Chinese Teams winning on the olympics they just go insane.

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    level 9 Clifford_James

    I understand the fans ranting but they have the same reactions to the winners in other category. It's kind of sad isn't it?

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