level 8 Rei_Ka submitted about Jul 21, 2019


WARCRAFT 3 FINALS INFI vs TH!!! Old School Still Great~ Later Lawliet and Moon!

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    level 10 titanraven


    Is it true that infi won in wc3?

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      level 13 yoshikoh


      Yes, Infi won the gold medal in WCG Starcraft3. :)

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      level 9 Rei_Ka


      No matter what happened though, China won :P but yes, Infi won this one.

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    level 13 nelmar23


    Moon ranked 3rd placer :( I thought that this is his time to win Gold Medal in WCG. Anyways, Congrats on the winners.

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      level 9 Rei_Ka


      I know what you mean... he was one of the biggest reasons I followed WCG's comeback... but he didn't win and I am so disappointed.

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    level 1 tymar

    What did China "won" ? And I didn't know that infini won the gold one, that's awesome.

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