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When your mom told you and your brother to stop fighting before she smack you

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This is so me and my brother after being scolded by mom...

First placer Lawliet and second placer Moon made a tiktok video after WCG confirmed that they'll compete in the grand finals! Good luck you guys! lol

for reference, here's the titktok video: https://web.facebook.com/DiscoverWCG/videos/632929573854188/


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    level 5 GamerDes

    They're like brothers! Good luck to the both of them :D May the best WC3 player win.
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    level 11 nelmar23

    Either one of them wins in this competition, They still got my support on their next competitions. Good luck with both of them.

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    level 12 yoshikoh

    They look like a couple LoL, Hope one of them will take home the championship trophy. Good luck to the grand finals!

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    level 7 Clifford_James

    Instead of being scolded they're complimented by their mother country

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