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Guide to Starcraft 2 Event Match

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I've been getting a lot of messages on how to register or how to join in WCG's Event Match so I made this post so that everyone will be guided accordingly.

  • Is anyone allowed to join this event?

Of course, as long as you're a Starcraft fan, anyone will do. Except for kids, like 8-10 years old wouldn't get in to the cut-off.

  • When can I register?

Soon as possible because it is only up until June 30, 2019 although they've said in the poster that there will be some changes so stay updated to their website!

  • What should I do to register?

There are no requirements so just click the picture in the website and you'll be taken to the site of registry. Follow the steps.

  • What does the registration contains?

Basic stuff like your name, address, age, and the questions which consisted of: Reasons for Participating and My Starcraft Story.

  • How will I be choose?

Make sure to get your essays right and to capture them with your real life story. The process is they'll choose 4 lucky winners per region.

  • What will be the format be?

There will be only 1 elimination and everything will be in a match of 3. So the 1st round will be fan vs fan, 2nd round will be pro vs pro, and lastly, fan + pro vs fan + pro. So you won't get to team with them at the beginning of the match but you have to earn your way there.

  • What will be the prize:

I still don't know but I know World Cyber Games will give a lot of prizes.

  • Will WCG pay for my food if ever I was chosen.

They stated in the poster that they'll be only providing the Hotel and Flight services but other things will be on you.

So that's it. Make sure to register here and just wait for the official announcement of the winners. Good luck for those will be joining, may the protoss, zergs, and terrans guide you! 


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    level 8 nelmar23

    That's kinda interesting, I may register at this event and team up with Maru. I have a 1 question, Does it me or the WCG organization pick where I will be teaming up?

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    level 4 GamerDes

    When will the winners be announced?
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