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Play with the pros

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This was the pro gamers that in need of players that want to team up with them in the upcoming WCG Grand Finals. If you are a fan of Starcraft 2 you can register your name for a chance to play with this pro gamer and play in the WCG Grand Finals Stage with them at Xi’an China.

Here are the 4 pro players who will compete in this Event Match:

Alex Sunderhaft aka “Neeb” from the United States
*Race - Protoss

Cheo Seung Jo aka “Maru” from South Korea
*Race - Terran

Riccardo Romiti aka “Reynor” from Italy
*Race - Zerg

Huang Min aka “Cyan” from China
*Race - Protoss

Do you have the guts to play with this Pro-gamers? Maybe it’s your time to shine in the Esport Competition.


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    level 7 nelmar23

    Here is the link if you’re interested:

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    level 6 titanraven

    Yay!! Thank you for sharing the registration! I want to join but I think I don't have the skills to win in the elimination round lol 
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    level 5 Clifford_James

    haha! so you will join too?

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    level 11 yoshikoh

    Awesome, this must be an exciting event, I wish i have guts to play with this pro gamers. Good luck to all participants!
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    level 1 samil

    Thanks for the link, I think I'll join.

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