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All Gamer (AG)-Super Valiant (SV) Advanced to the Crossfire Grand Final of WCG

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After a round robin with seven rounds, AG and SV were tied with 6 wins and 1 loss, but AG had won against SV in the sixth round and was they are ranked as 1st place. Acme Exclamation (AE), Egret Media Gaming (EMG), BS, U9 Club, Q9 Esport Club, HG Clan were eliminated. Good Luck for the both of you on the upcoming event :) 


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    level 7 HeavenlyFaucet


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    level 1 GamerDes

    Ohhhh~ congratulations!

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    level 5 titanraven

    I watched the highlights of the tournament lol!! Super Valiant rocked the accuracy shots in the round against HG Clan!! Good luck you guys! And ohhh I saw that WCG is still having Dota 2 tournament today! I'll be waiting for the live steam :D

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    level 9 yoshikoh

    congrats to the both of them!

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    level 5 Clifford_James

    all gamers? I thought they're for sc? I didn't know they're playing for crossfire. Awesome!

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    level 10 yoshikoh

    I've watched the tournament on YouTube.In the final round, both AG and SV gained victory, and AG, who won Round 6 was confirmed as first place.

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    level 1 blackiytos

    congrats to the both of them!

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