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WCG Hearthstone Americas Grand finalist.

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The Hearthstone americas final matches are over, TerrenceM and Tempo were 5-2 with a final score, Both of them will be competing in the grand final. TerrenceM and Tempo, who have passed the Americas final, will participate in the gold medal contest at the WCG 2019 Xi'an Grand Final from July 18th to 21st.

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    level 4 Clifford_James


    Bro, who do you think will win? They have a lot of competitors that were really good so it's really hard to predict what's going to happen, right?

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      level 1 GamerDes


      So true, but if I'll choose one to support it will be Terrence.

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      level 5 titanraven


      I think the grand finals will be tough ughh did you know that TechnoGoose from Sweden got first place in their regional tournament with 6-1 lol

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      level 5 Clifford_James

      @titanraven I'll be gulping then
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    level 6 nelmar23

    I think this is gonna be exciting this year's WCG Hearthstone Tournament. There are many pro gamers participate in the tournament. In this Americas Region, I may go to Tempo coz' he is full of surprises :D

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    level 9 yoshikoh

    Congrats terrenceM, Supporting him since the Regional Qualifiers. I like him coz' of his unexpectable plays. Good Luck on the Grand Finals.

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