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WCG Europe Region Clash Royale Regional Finals

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Today is gonna be the day that WCG  Regional Qualifiers Clash Royale battle is gonna held. It will be gonna held in Athens, Greece. Who do you think you gonna support? I will go to Fernando725. I like his playing style and he is a very strategic gamer.  I am so amazed to him coz' he's just a teenager and he is playing with other pro players around the globe. That's a big salute for me.

Here is the link for the Live Stream:

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    level 4 Clifford_James

    I saw this one too late... Based on wcg's website, Artic Paul and Efemgg won for EU finals :D

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    level 4 titanraven

    lol, Artic Paul and Efemgg will compete in the grand finals together with JuicyJ! Can't wait for the grand finals live stream, I saw this stream and Arctic Paul got 7 straight wins! Good luck you guys! :D

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    level 8 yoshikoh

    I've watched the clash royale european final. artic paul and efemgg will advance to the grand finals held in xian china.
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    level 2 bougti

    Here is the link of the Live Stream: , &

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