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DOTA 2 LIVE! [Cignal Ultra VS Team Unicorn] WCG APAC Finals!!!

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PH Cignal Ultra dominating the Regional Finals as one of the surprises this WCG in Dota 2. The Team is currently fighting Team Unicorn with a tight match, Team Unicorn showing some amazing moves with Juggernaut and turning the tables around.

Can Team Unicorn actually win against Cignal Ultra and give them their first lose???

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    level 3 nelmar23


    Juggernaut of the Team Unicorn was so destructive and they have a nice team play. They bring Cignal Ultra their first loss in this tournament.

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      level 7 Rei_Ka


      Yes, Team Unicorn's pick with Juggernaut was real smart too. "The more spins the more wins" xD

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    level 5 yoshikoh


    I was very satisfied with Cignal Ultra's performance in the tournament though they lost Cignal Ultra still got 1st place!

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      level 7 Rei_Ka


      Team Unicorn beat both the top teams, but the APAC Finalists are still the top teams xD

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    level 6 HeavenlyFaucet

    Ohh, You provided the link that has been live for a week and features each of their game title everyday lol. This is helpful Much thanks Orig Poster and WCG. Btw i play dota and hearthstone so this benefits me

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    level 3 titanraven

    lol, Team Unicorn won by luck!! At the end of the tournament, Cignal Ultra got the top spot for APAC Region in Dota 2 division, But the match with MSCERBERUS was nerve-wracking! :D

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