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WCG 2019 Xi'an - European Regional Qualifier Highlights

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WCG has put up a new video. The hype continues as we close in on the Grand Finals just July in Xi'an China. I honestly have no idea who's gonna be on top for most of the games, but so far Germany looking strong for Warcraft 3 and Clash Royale. Perhaps they will be the next to dethrone South Korea for the most medals in a single tournament. Featured in the video is Kayla Torrison who was previously in the other highlight videos for WCG. Enjoy.

- Eclipse (Ukraine) vs Darkology (Turkey)

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
- EnTe (Germany) vs Ze1ko (France)

- Los Pachachos (Spain) vs Fluffy Cats (Spain)
- Se7en Esports (Kazakhstan) vs Nemiga gaming (Belarus)

Clash Royale
- Die Bakterie (Germany) vs Lemon Tea (France)

The European Regional Finals will be held on June 8-11, 2019 at the Battlenet Arena in Athens, Greece.

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    level 3 yoshikoh

    Happy to see EnTe advancing to regional qualifiers, I'm rooting for team Germany for this year's WCG competition. I hope they make it to the finals.

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    level 3 Clifford_James

    They might dethrone Koreans with those skills if they will manage to maintain it and to strategize the game itself.
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