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[WCG] Regional Qualifiers Stream

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After searching on the internet for a week, looking for an English video of the recent World Cyber Games Dota 2 Qualifiers...


Looking high and low...


Going over websites and social media...


And just smashing the keyboard for something to happen...




I finally give you this the link to the video :3 ENJOY!

Sorry for the long intro xD

Click here for the video.

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Comments :4

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    level 1 Clifford_James


    Just watched it. It was funny that Loseyourself didn't get a loseyourself hero :D
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      level 6 Rei_Ka


      Cheers to that.

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    level 1 titanraven

    YOU ARE A LEGEND!! I've been searching for this English video of the WCG Dota 2 Qualifier!! But all I've found was the Vietnamese one haha! Thank you <3

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    level 2 yoshikoh

    #Looking # Searching

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