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World Cyber Games Virtual Reality Championship

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The World Cyber Games released yet another tournament under their New Horizons category.

It's good to see new innovative ideas for the esports community with robot fighting, AI development competitions, and so much more.

Final Assault is the first official game title they have released on their official website, and the game is adorable and ready to make its own statement in the competitive world of gaming.

If there is anything WCG has been doing consistently is introducing new games that are not FPS, Battle Royales, Battle Games, and MOBA, games that are swooping the esports world. They used to have Guitar Heroes and Racing games in their official game titles back in the day, and it's as entertaining to watch as any other competition.

Any VR games you think would do well in esports tournament?

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    level 6 HanaSong

    Ohhh, sounds cool. I haven't heard of a VR game having an esports competition. They are actually pushing the gaming industry forward and making good use of technological advancements for the benefit of esports in general.

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    level 1 yoshikoh

    After disappearing for about six years, WCG is finally back!! Based on information on the articles I saw WCG 2019 will bring a total of six familiar games. They are really holding the title of "Olympic of Esports". I'm super amazed.

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    level 1 titanraven

    I personally don't have any experience with VR Gaming but it really is good to see the innovation and changes in the gaming world, I can already imagine the WCG Competition Xi'an China full of robots and new technologies <3

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    level 2 nelmar23

    I saw Final Assault gameplay on youtube and I think it is cool to see this one on a gaming event like WCG. Esports world now will a way to cool than it is used to be.

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    level 1 vr12

    This should be a very interesting championship. These championships testify to the increasing popularity of virtual reality technology. I think that the growing popularity of this technology to stimulate manufacturers and developers to create more and more virtual reality technology helmets and VR games. I like to play VR games and often play in the center of virtual reality in Melbourne - I think over time these championships will be much more interesting))

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