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World Cyber Games Xi'an China Tour with Brendan

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Brendan Valdes who is an esports personality, and also a caster in South Korea, went to Xi'an China to check out the WCG host city for the Finals this coming July. He takes the viewers in a fun and very casual ride to see the city while also showing what to expect for the Xi'an Finals like the hotel that the players would be staying at, to special guest DJ, and a Cosplay Competition with top worldwide cosplayers.

I really like this video, so I thought I'd share it with you guys.

Plus Brendan is cute, and I will definitely follow his twitter after watching this vid~


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    level 1 nelmar23


    WCG really prepared for this year's competition from the hotel where the gamers will stay to the Guest DJ and the cosplayers they invited for the cosplay contest. Nice one WCG

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      level 6 Rei_Ka


      True. That's why I wish them luck since I used to follow them back in the day ^^

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    level 2 yoshikoh


    nice, well prepared for this 2019 wcg competition, i hope alodia gosiengfiao will join to cosplay competition!

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      level 6 Rei_Ka

      i hope alodia gosiengfiao will join to cosplay competition!yoshikoh- 2019-05-19 21:42:40

      Same! I love her so much <3 But I heard she's pregnant, is this true?

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    level 2 shiba28



    This competition is going to be great. Those cosplay women are amazing!

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