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WCG Clash Royale - Advancing Players to Regional Finals (APAC/Americas/Europe)

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Here is the list of players who qualified for the regional finals of Clash Royale for World Cyber Games 2019. Official website link here: Still waiting for the list for Honor of Kings and Crossfire.

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    level 5 paolovee

    Oh finally we see the results for CR, I have been waiting for this. And it's so cool to see two players from India! For me it is an awesome sight to see such diversity in players and in the competition. Go WCG!

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    level 6 HanaSong

    I have been waiting for the Clash Royale results since its announcement in WCG. It feels so good to see a Korean player play in WCG Clash Royale. I also heard Japan has very good players in Clash Royale especially in Clash Royale League. But I support Korea, of course! Go Korea!

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    level 6 skysolstice

    Is it Regional Finals already? Didn't expect that. Btw best of luck for those who made it. Will watch live stream later looking for a player to support 'coz the one I'm supporting didn't make it. lol

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    level 1 yoshikoh

    thank you for the result of wcg clash royale regional finals.good luck to all players who qualified.

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    level 1 nelmar23

    Yes, the results are out. Can't wait to watch these teams compete with each other. Let's go WCG.

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