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[WCG - Hearthstone] Advancing Teams to Regional Finals

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Australia - Akumaker
Hong Kong - Flourine
Japan - kamaretai
Malaysia - porkmypig
Singapore - heisnotaxel
Singapore - Sequinox
South Korea - Che0nsu
South Korea - cocosasa


Chile - Macheen
Chile - Tempo
Mexico - Empanizado
Mexico - iBeennn
Peru - ZeroXxiv
Uruguay - Loreance
United States - joster
United States - TerrenceM


Austria - SebastianJo
Hungary - exigo
Portugal - Pbarbosa7
Russia - levik
Slovenia - zigasaro
Sweden - TechnoGoose
Turkey - Darkology
Turkey - Lethal


APAC teams are heading to Seoul, Korea.

Date: 2019-04-27


AMERICAS teams are heading to Sta. Ana, USA.

Date: 2019-04-27


EUROPE teams are heading to Athens, Greece for WCG Hearthstone Regional Finals!

Date: 2019-04-27



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    level 3 geraldinofrivia

    Nice this is great news! So many countries being represented and for Hearthstone no less. This is definitely an exciting tournament and should really put WCG back on the map!

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    level 1 Clifford_James

    I'm rooting for kamaretai in APAC, his streams of him playing HS was fun and I learned a lot from him! Ganbatte!

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    level 6 HanaSong

    South Korean player cocosasa defeated Chalk, one of the greatest Filipino players, in the Regional Qualifiers. Good to hear that two South Korean Hearthstone players are in the Regional Finals.

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    level 1 yoshikoh

    Can't believe that we're already in the Regional Finals, few more weeks and we finally got to know who will reign and bring home the Gold medal for their beloved country.

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