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Dota 2, Standing Between the Departure and Revival of the WCG

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Dota 2 to Return to the WCG

Dota 2 was the first official event announced for the WCG 2019. This announcement, made on February 18, spread worldwide and prompted many people in the gaming community to realize that, “The WCG is really coming back!”

Why did the WCG 2019 event announcements start with Dota 2? The order in which the WCG announced its official events was not random. Dota 2 holds great significance in today’s international tournaments. The reason that Dota 2 was announced ahead of all other WCG 2019 events is because of its significance as a symbol of esports and its deep meaning in the gaming world.

Dota 2 represents the genre known as MOBA, AOS, or DotA-like that was born out of the user customization mode of RTS games.

The genre was born around 2002, out of the StarCraft user map ‘Aeon of Strife’ made by Aeon64. This user map contains all of the basic components that still live on in the MOBA genre today, such as three-lined battles, friendly and enemy forces that are automatically generated, and the concept of gaining victory by destroying the opponent’s main base.

A team-play user map made by Eul appeared in Warcraft III. This type of map evolved into the Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), the first mod of the Dota series, which also ushered in the MOBA genre. Dota quickly became popular for the high quality and playability of its user maps, and many games and mods were developed based on Dota’s maps and data.

Dota Allstars, a mod for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, gained the largest following of all the Dota mods. When people around the world talk about ‘Dota’, they are usually referring to this mod. The heroes of Dota Allstars are stronger than in the original Dota, and there are a greater number of cooperative elements. The mod became so popular that some users actually started playing Warcraft III just to play Dota.

Following its extreme popularity as a mod, Dota was developed into an independent game by Valve Corporation. Valve took Dota Allstars and used the Source 2 engine to improve the visuals and game details, while adding optimal convenience functions and interfaces.
This is how the age of 'Dota 2' officially began.

Dota 2 has played a leading role in e-sports. Tournaments, both big and small, have been held around in the world using various methods. Dota has also been significant in the esports world as it introduced a new method of selling tickets through crowd-funding. The Dota 2 International started in this way and soon developed into the world’s largest global tournament.

Although the tournament has continued to grow every year, the Dota 2 International 2018 held in August of last year made headlines as it offered the winners of the tournament a total of USD 25 million (KRW 28 billion) in prize money. At the Dota 2 International 2018, the European team OG dramatically defeated China’s LGD 3-2, after clawing its way up from the open preliminaries.

Dota 2 has also been a hot topic in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector. The non-profit AI organization OpenAI developed a gaming AI called ‘OpenAI Five’ and made it learn Dota 2. OpenAI drew a great deal of interest by playing 5:5 Dota 2 team matches against humans.

In the matches, which were held in 2018, the AI defeated a semi-professional team, but lost to a pro team, proving that humans are still superior in terms of teamwork. However, only time will tell if this will change as AI technology continues to develop.

WCG and Dota 2: Reunited at Last

Dota 2 made its first appearance as an official event of the WCG in 2012, but since the WCG went into a long furlough after 2013, it was also Dota 2’s last WCG appearance. At the WCG 2012, the gold medal for Dota went to China’s IG team, and the silver medal went to China’s DK team. The Devil Mice team from Belarus won the bronze.

The reason why there is so much interest in the inclusion of Dota 2 in the WCG 2019 is because, in addition to the innate importance of the game, the players are so evenly matched that any country could potentially win the gold.

At one time, China dominated the game, and Europe and the US barely posed a threat. However, players from these regions have continued to improve and are now as equally skilled as their Chinese counterparts. At the Dota 2 International, which is the biggest global tournament for the game, all of the major regions have won the championship at one point or another, and Southeast Asia, which has been developing its e-sports infrastructure, is also being viewed by many as a dark horse.

China and the US are no doubt powerhouses in international tournaments, but many say that they would not be surprised if a country from Europe wins. It’s no wonder that so many people are curious about the great Dota 2 matches soon to be played at the WCG 2019 and who will take home the gold.

The WCG Regional Finals offer total prize money worth USD 75,000, and the Global Finals in Xi’an offer total prize money of USD 525,000. The prize money for the gold medal winner in Dota 2 is USD 80,000. This prize money comes with invaluable bragging rights for the winning nation.

Among Dota Allstars, Dota 2, League of Legends, Heroes of Storm, Smite, and the mobile games Vainglory and Wangzhe Rongyao (Penta Storm in Korea), and countless other Dota-like games, Dota 2 is unmatched in its spirit of fun. This is one of the reasons that the game continues to be a pillar for its genre.

Dota 2, which has been significant in gaming history, is being revived as a battle between countries. This much anticipated battle will soon take place at the arena in Xi’an, China in July.

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    level 8 paulvilanoma

    It is an interesting read. They bring up a lot of history about WCG that I was not originally aware of. And it is clear why WCG really wanted Dota 2 to be the first game. It is one of the biggest and maybe most influential game in the world.

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    level 2 geraldinofrivia

    I just saw the DOTA 2 teams that qualified for the regional qualifiers, RIP USA no teams for us. But despite that I am still gonna root for the underdogs. I'm sure we'll find and see more stories from the teams as the months get closer and close to July. I am sad but excited!

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    level 1 adomanim


    I admire how WCG gives the opportunity for amateur teams to showcase their skills in the international esports stage. It's been kinda hard for amateur DOTA 2 teams to earn their spotlight because of all these famous pros. And it's great that WCG has returned to give the amateur teams (and not-so-famous pro teams) a ticket to their fame.

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      level 1 adomanim


      I admire how WCG gives the opportunity for amateur teams to showcase their skills in the international esports stage. It's been kinda hard for amateur DOTA 2 teams to earn their spotlight because of all these famous pros. And it's great that WCG has returned to give the , , amateur teams (and not-so-famous pro teams) a ticket to their fame.

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