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New Horizons

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Ever since I read about an AI defeating Pro-Gamers in 5v5, I have become a believer of artificial intelligence and it's capabilities. Honestly, I started as one of those who actually laughs about AI fighting against MOBA pros like it's the silliest thing for anyone to think possible, but I was wrong. Of course, AI in 5v5 still has a long way to go, sure, but it's a big step compared to the past articles I read about AI competing with pros in MOBA.

So I started learning more about these things and went to dive deeper into what else is there for AI in Esports. Since a lot has been talking about Open AI lately, I decided to take this time and see what this AI Masters the World Cyber Games is doing. This was the first AI related esports I read and I just browsed on it so fast I hardly remember what I read until I decided to give it a shot.

New Horizons is this section on their website dedicated to AI and Robots. They took the name from a spacecraft that explored Pluto and beyond.

"In 2006, NASA launched the first spacecraft ever to explore Pluto—the spacecraft was named New Horizons. This was a fitting name since the spacecraft reached the outer edges of the Solar System and allowed humans to look at the boundary between our solar system and the space that stretched beyond."

Photo ⓒ NASA /

And like the spacecraft, WCG also launched an AI exclusive competition, AI MASTERS, to their tournaments.

To go beyond the boundaries.

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    level 6 paulvilanoma

    It is both scary and fascinating to see how far AI is coming especially with the news that AI beat a pro team. I wonder how they will fair with the world's best though, but through more learning AI I'm sure they can do it. All of this sounds so interesting especially with the tag New Horizons. Too bad I am not smart enough to come up with algorithms.

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    level 5 HanaSong


    This is interesting. I have always wondered how the future of sports will look. I thought of mech battles and androids playing sports. Looks like WCG is giving us a sneak peek of what football will look like in the future. What's next? Professional robot wrestling?

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      level 7 paulvilanoma


      I think may be actual professional robot wrestling or at least fighting, but not in the real steel sort of way. More like deadly toasters which is still pretty cool. I am excited for more than just the games at WCG that's for sure.

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