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Guide to Watching This Year's WCG Xi'an Games

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I just thought I'd contribute to this...

But have you been watching the World Cyber Games this year?

The WCG Team took their time to guide followers and gamers alike to how they can watch this year's tournament by using easy steps.

If you're like me who is as lost as a sheep and has no idea how to follow esports in general, check this link and get a nice walkthrough with simple enough descriptions along with it!

Oh, and while you're at it, go ahead and SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE!!!


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    level 6 paulvilanoma

    I will Subscribe to pewds and WCG! It's people like him that keep gaming alive and more respected in this day and age. So WCG is doing the same now, making a comeback and becoming respected again as a titan of gaming events.

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    level 5 HanaSong


    May I know where's the link? I would also like to know how to watch WCG without having to rely on updates from their Facebook page and website. Thank you so much! :)

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