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Results for Week 2 National Qualifiers at WCG (Dota 2, Hearthstone, Warcraft 3)

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The results for Week 2 were earlier released on WCG's facebook page and can now be found on their official website. Here are the results. There are much more teams from Europe that passed, especially for Dota 2. Check out the results now!

Dota 2


Warcraft 3


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    level 6 paulvilanoma

    I'm still keeping an eye out for the week 3 results. They should hopefully come out this week or next week on their facebook page and then their official website like last time. These are exciting times people!

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    level 4 skysolstice


    Looking forward to Week 4 results, every week it's getting more and more interesting, WCG never fails to amuse me.

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      level 7 paulvilanoma


      I agree. It is so cool to see so many countries, especially those who don't have tournaments in their nation. Things should be even more competitive going forward. I believe that week 4 is the last week of the results then we should be hearing about the schedule of the regional qualifiers. I like how WCG involves us in the process.

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    level 8 paulvilanoma


    They haven't posted the week 3 results on their official website and it looks like they are about to being the regional qualifiers so most of the news is actually updated on their Facebook page here: If you wanna see the Week 3 results scroll down a bit.

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      level 4 paolovee


      Thanks I was looking for this too. I wonder why they haven't posted it on their website? Maybe they forgot haha anyway I'm looking forward to the regional finals too. Which country will be ontop ahhhhh

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