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OpenAI destroys TI8 champions OG 2-0

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OG lost to the OpenAI Five bots team with a score of 0-2 in an exhibition match. On the second map, the International 2018 champions were defeated in less than 20 minutes.

Both teams picked heroes from a limited hero pool. Unlike previous show matches, OG was permitted to use invisibility, and the OpenAI Five courier was not invulnerable. At the same time, illusions and summoned unit were not allowed.

This is excellent news for AI enthusiasts. The state of AI development is getting better to the point that they could even defeat the champions of a complicated game.

In other news, the World Cyber Games has an upcoming AI robot football tournament. Interested programmers will have the chance to showcase their programming skills and compete against other AI robot programmers. More details about the AI competition here.

Watch the OG vs Open AI show match here: https://youtu.be/n8c4lOkgr_U

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    level 4 skysolstice

    So they really lost to an OpenAI, their creation is truly to the next level. World Cyber Games has also Man vs. Machine where Dendi will compete against an AI, I'm wondering who will win.

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    level 2 Subscibe2Pewds

    Oh hey, I heard about this! from what I know they won against 3 more pro-gamers!!! but it also looks like it wasn't fair for the players like it had a lot of limitations.

    Not sure I heard about the World Cyber Games Ai football gig, but I'm guessing it's Ai exclusive?

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