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Clash Royale Invitational Games

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It turns out Clash Royale will have two separate events in the upcoming World Cyber Games 2019.

1) Open Participation
Any gamer, whether amateur or professional, can participate in this global competition.

2) National Competition
The Top 3 Clash Royale League (CRL) teams from each region’s Spring season (CRL West, CRL Asia, and CRL China) will come together as one team to represent their region at the Grand Final. After several rounds, 2 teams will proceed to the finals… and only one region will be crowned as the best in the world.

I've seen the CRL standings and it looks like all the top players wanted to be invited in WCG 2019. Now that's one excitng tournament!

Source: https://clashroyale.com/blog/esports/world-cyber-games-2019.html

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    level 4 skysolstice


    Do you have an idea when is the release date of Week 3 qualifiers? I want to be updated on everything about CR on WCG.

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      level 7 paulvilanoma


      I am not HanaSong but so far they have only been doing the Qualifiers for Dota 2, Warcraft 3 and Hearthstone. The results usually come out first on their FB page here: https://web.facebook.com/DiscoverWCG/. I think they may start for the other games very soon.

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    level 4 paolovee

    Two separate events? Does this mean the actual event and the invitational? I found that a bit confusing. What does that actually mean? I mean I am not one to complain for more CR, but this does leave me very curious with all the announcements.

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