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World Cyber games in cooperation with Appota eSports

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WCG just announced their partnership with Appota eSports of Vietnam, If thats me i would find a European or American that will support my coverage but its WCG's decision so im hoping things will go smooth.

Appota Esports will begin its first coverage of WCG 2019 Xi'an through its online streaming channels, starting National Qualifiers this weekend (April 13th and April 14th).

Appota eSports

Appota Esports is the first Esports ecosystem in Vietnam towards the principle of neutrality and willingness to cooperate with all partners with the same vision to develop e-sports in Vietnam and Asia. The company is known for owning OTA Networks - the network of top 100 biggest streamers in Vietnam, as well as being the partner of Facebook in organizing the biggest online tournaments for the amateur and semi-professional community.

Read the full news here > http://www.wcg.com/news/view/516