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"Beyond The Game" (2008 documentary film about esports)

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If you're wondering what it's like to be an professional video game player (esports player as they're called today), then this documentary will show you everything about a pro gaming player's journey to victory.

For those who haven't watched this decade-old documentary, Beyond the Game follows the journey of professional Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne players as they compete in the 2007 World Cyber Games in Seattle, Washington.

Three well-known Warcraft III players (namely Grubby, MaDFroG, and Sky) were the main focus of this documentary. One of the biggest struggles in the film is the conflict between a player reclaiming his world title and another player defending his valued world title.

Beyond the Game is just one of the few documentaries about professional video gaming showing how big the gaming scene has grown during that time. Professional video gaming is now one of the greatest careers to have nowadays and it's just getting bigger as many new games are now paving the way for more aspiring esports legends.

Have you seen this documentary before? What do you think about professional video gaming?

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    level 4 paolovee

    Whoah damn I have never seen this, and from 2008? That's so cool, I didn't know esports was even that big back then. Still today while it's so big I know it is still to be more accepted by everyone. I will watch this documentary, it can only make me more hyped about the upcoming WCG tournament.

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    level 3 skysolstice

    I'm gonna be honest, I'm into esports but i really didn't know about this. I'll follow this topic and watch it later, this makes me much more excited for World Cyber Games to start.

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