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Interview with a legend, Neo of Counter-Strike

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Interview with Neo

I have recently stumbled upon this interview they posted on their website. They earlier posted one of Moon which was cool, but I am truly more of a CS fan. I got into the CS:GO scene years back and Neo was part of this team called Virtus Pro and they were the bosses of the CS world. They were the most veteran and most badass players. I didn't know Neo got his big break in WCG and I didn't know how much this competition meant to him. It's so awesome to still see him so inspired even if VP broke up recently. Perhaps with WCG bringing up his decorated past it had reignited some more passion in him. Not that he needed it but I am sure it helped.


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    level 4 paulvilanoma


    Neo is such an inspiration especially to older players. It shows the beauty of video games is that it doesn't matter how old you are. Sure you probably have to fight harder when you're older but you are wise. Games are both mind and body. WCG gave a chance to everyone to compete, I won't be surprised to see if the winners are older players.

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      level 3 Rei_Ka


      I also like him. part of this interview he actually mentioned that CS is more than a game to him, and it proves why he is a legend in World Cyber Games since he literally describes "Beyond the Game". Too bad their team disbanded... I can't even recall why.

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      level 5 paulvilanoma


      Well they're team disbanded because they hit an all time low in terms of performance and results. Usually they get back up and perform at top level but this time they didn't have a comeback so they went their separate ways. I'm sure this comeback of WCG has inspired Neo and many other players to never give up.

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