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Who remembers World Cyber Games 2004?

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World Cyber Games 2004 Finals was held at San Francisco. The World Cyber Games (WCG) was one of the greatest gaming events during its time.

A total of 642 video game players from 63 countries participated in WCG 2004 event with then-popular games such as Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, StarCraft: Brood War, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Unreal Tournament, and Halo: Combat Evolved.

The overall winners of the event were Netherlands, South Korea, and USA with Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals respectively.

WCG held their last event in 2013, but is now making a comeback this year.

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    I was still a kid back then but it's so awesome to see a lot of these games are still big, at least with their new iterations like CS:GO and Starcraft 2. I remember loving Unreal Tournament so much. Maybe for next year WCG will bring it back haha! Can't wait to see the classic WC3 matchups this year though.

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