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In defense of Crossfire at WCG 2019

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There are some people who may doubt World Cyber Games' choice of Crossfire as the headline FPS title for their upcoming tournament, but I think it was a very smart decision.

Crossfire has a very big scene, especially in China where the the event is being held. It is one of the more played FPS games in the world. It will be great for the game and for WCG to have it in a big tournament like this next to big titles like DOTA 2, and Hearthstone.

When you compare Crossfire to the other FPS in esports it may have been a strange choice, but Overwatch already has their own leagues and tournaments, and CS:GO has only recently become free-to-play and already has dozens of events all year round. Crossfire is getting the love it deserves and will surely receive a much needed spark that the competitive scene need.

If you still don't believe me, then wait for the Crossfire matches to start. You'll see how truly exciting the games are. 

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    level 2 paolovee

    ^This. I totally agree. A lot of people are playing Crossfire and it is a huuuge game all around the world. I personally am excited to watch the games. I do watch a lot of cs and other fps games.

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