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Legends Forever

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I have been seeing a lot of posts here about WCG so it got me interested and recently I saw this behind the scenes photos they released:
Here you can see the Legends Barbershop video and the pictures truly warm your heart. Seeing the Counter-Strike legend, ‘Neo’ Filip Kubski; the top-ranking CrossFire player ‘18’ YueQiang Dai; and the legendary ‘Moon’ Jang Jae-ho of Warcraft 3, aged and matured, fills you with nostalgia and joy. What it must feel like to be cemented not only as a champion of your game, but a legend of your own right.

You say basketball and you think of Michael Jordan. You say CS you think of Neo; Crossfire there is 18; and for Warcraft you remember Moon. This is what these players have earned. That is the type of renown and class WCG brings to esports. WCG came out when people didn’t take esports too seriously. And after that they had been even daring enough to take games that didn’t have a competitive scene and bring it to their events. It is impossible to deny what WCG has done for esports then and now; they turned the world’s eye towards esports when no one was looking, and this year they’re coming back to do it again.

It’s lovely to see these players them so happy and dapper, recalling the good times they had at WCG. One day there will be even more legends in that barbershop. Perhaps you will be there to get a haircut or shave? Who will be the legends this year of Dota 2, Clash Royale, Honor of Kings, Crossfire, Hearthstone, and Warcraft 3?  Maybe you or me will be the next legend; be immortalized for being the best, and by loving our game with all your heart.

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    I'm dying to see who will be the next Legend on DOTA2 i'm rooting for the SEA teams i hope they win and take home the trophy~!

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