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World Cyber Games 2019, WCG – What we know so far

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I made a post about WCG coming back so I thought I'd compile what I could find out about the upcoming tournament.

World Cyber Games 2019, WCG – What we know so far

So here’s what we know so far. The next WCG will be held from July 18-21 in Xian, China. They announced last year

Their last tournament was 2013 in Kunshan, China as well.
It has been six years; they’re really trying to make a comeback.

It also seems they are announcing the games for the tournament one by one, the first one they revealed was DotA 2,

The next game was Honor of Kings, which I think has a pretty big scene in China, A few days later they revealed another mobile game, Clash Royale,

Then they announced that Warcraft 3 will be part of the tournament as well,

They finally announced Hearthstone
and Crossfire

A lot of these are pretty big games, I believe a lot of people are still playing WC3 so that should be interesting to watch. I wonder what other games they will be having, I am looking forward to the next reveal.

They even had Steve Aoki remix their theme song, 'Beyond the Game' Besides that they released the General Regulations and Player Registration announcements According to the player registration announcement there will be titles revealed for exclusive invitationals.

What do you guys think? Will they be back to being the Olympics of Esports? It seems to have a lot of potential.

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    level 1 Rei_Ka

    I heard they're extending the registration for APAC and AMERICAS to April 21? Is this true???

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    level 1 blaise


    "Really interesting, good to know, maybe some os us will take a part of it
    Thanks for sharing"


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      level 1 Rei_Ka


      I am also creating a team here in my country for the WCG so that's good to hear! From what I heard, they are extending registration in my area, and that they are focused on players and teams who have yet to debut in any esports tournament. I'm joining Dota 2 and Hearthstone.

      Best of luck to both of us!

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    level 1 skysolstice

    I heard that this event open for amateurs to? Glad to know that they're giving opportunity to the unknown players to participate the event and be known worldwide.

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    level 2 aramko_aramko


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      level 8 paulvilanoma


      Sorry what do you mean to April 21? Perhaps the week 2 or 3 results? I am not sure what this means. Well either way the week 4 results should be coming out very soon. And the regional qualifiers are about to begin for Dota 2 and the other games.

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