level 1 laughingwindow submitted about Mar 15, 2019


Anyone applying for WCG?

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I learned World Cyber Games is back and it includes DOTA2.
It's open to everyone and I thought of applying.
The thing is you have to have teammates that have same nationality as you.
I have two friends who will enter with me and we are trying to find members.
Hopefully we will find someone before 26th.
In case any of you want to look it up here's the link :

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    level 1 paulvilanoma

    Yeah since they're treating it like the Olympics of esports they want everyone to be the same nationality.
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    level 2 paolovee

    I'm gonna try to find friends because I know anyone can apply for this. There is no skill cap.

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    level 1 Clash

    I'm gonna get the title of Clash Royale

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