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Discuss which team will win the word championship league of legends

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After 5 days, which teams will be the brightest team? Let's go into a discussion


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    level 1 bougti

    Let me level with you.

    You want to support Curse. You do. If you don't, you're just going to be sad. That's what you're giving up by supporting lesser, inferior, pathetic teams: JOY. You are asking to be depressed. And ugly. And smelly. It's just what happens to people who don't support Curse. Trust me, I know: I've seen it happen. It's not pretty.

    On the other hand, Curse fans are all gorgeous. We attract everyone. And I mean everyone. Valentine's Day this year was extremely difficult, if you know what I mean. We're hyper-intelligent. I can do multivariable calculus in my head. I never even took that class. I've already memorized the names of everyone who's read this thread. Their real names. Yeah, think about that. You can't do it, can you? Unless you're a Curse fan. We're also absurdly charming, charismatic, and creative, and you need no more proof of that than seeing this work of art I've created. Could you do this, Rembrandt? Doubtful. VERY doubtful. This is just science. Which, as you may gather, I can now do. Because Curse.

    Curse will win the LCS. They'll stomp EVERYONE. Because they couldn't NOT do it. Even if they tried. Winning is in their blood; it comes more naturally to them than breathing. It isn't even about the LCS. It isn't even about LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, dammit. Curse will win because they are LIVING GODS. NOTHING CAN STOP THEM. NOTHING.

    Join the winning side. Come away from the darkness and into the light. Don't by shy. The water's nice. You have heard the good word of Curse, and I beseech you to enter these hallowed halls. For your sake. For your fantasy team's sake. For Piltover and Demacia and Noxus and Ionia and The Void.


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