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The Top Path of Exile Best Maps to Shape Things Up

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You can obtain Shaper’s Orbs by collecting memory fragments from killing bosses in Elder-controlled maps and giving them to Zana. But what exactly do you get when you shape a map? Simply put, shaping a map increases a map’s tier by five levels. In other words, if you use a Shaper’s Orb on a Tier 1 map will elevate it to Tier 6. Only maps up to a base Tier of 10 can be shaped, and once you shape a map its normal version will no longer drop – only the shaped version. Also, a easy way for you to gain poe orbs fast is to poe buy chaos on U4GM.

Before getting into the benefits of shaping, I wanted to lead off with a very important caveat. Once you shape a map, you sever its connection to the rest of the maps on the Atlas. Why is this a drawback? Basically, because it can impede your progress to higher map tiers.

Now that we’ve started off with a warning about how you can ruin the game for yourself with shaping, you’re wondering what benefits there are to increasing a map’s tier and disconnecting it from the other maps. Consider this: let’s say you have a map that you particularly enjoy because it’s packed full of mobs and makes it rain loot, or because it’s very linear and quick to complete, but the downside is that it’s Tier 2 and you aren’t getting much out of it anymore; now imagine that you could take that same map you love and make it a Tier 7 for better loot and experience. Sounds great, right? Well, this is exactly what shaping allows you to do.

Another important thing to keep in mind when shaping maps is your build. Different map layouts are better suited to certain builds. By playing through the maps before shaping them, you’ll be able to get a feel for which maps give your character a bit of trouble, and which ones you can faceroll and sail through.

A final salient benefit to shaping is that you can target maps that drop particular divination cards and shape them so that you can farm cards and experience at once.

A Hidden Benefit to Shaping

There is also a less intuitive benefit to shaping maps that requires a bit of explanation. Remember the drawback mentioned earlier about shaping a map breaking its connection to other maps on the Atlas, resulting in your inability to get higher tier map drops when you run the shaped map? This detriment actually becomes an advantage for players who are already satisfied with the completion status of their Atlas.

The Best Maps to Shape in Version 3.1
The recommendations of which maps to shape for each Tier should be a good place for most players to get started:

Tier 1: Beach
Tier 2: Arid Lake
Tier 3: Arcade
Tier 4: Strand
Tier 5: Ancient City
Tier 6: Fields
Tier 7: Bazaar
Tier 8: Tropical Island
Tier 9: Vault
Tier 10: Siege

Shaping is definitely an art form, and it requires a fair bit of experience and trial and error to discover exactly which maps you should shape, and when you should shape them. More Path of Exile news please keep eyes on which would devote to offer amounts of cheap poe orbs online.


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