level 1 ThanatosXXI submitted about Aug 7, 2018


I cant take my item from the mail box

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Hello everybody, why cant i take my Mythril's elm form mail box? Help me!!!

Legend: impossible take this item now


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    level 1 vitmanov

    She has things secured on the Break front also, with Penetrating Break, Streak Break, and Speedy Break! Her Definitive includes Lift, Kill, Improved Components, Shortcoming Weapon, and Officer's Stupor to self before assaulting.

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    level 1 vitmanov

    Even when there is a delete button to do it? I got 4 pages of items that I can't even take from the mailbox because I already have duplicate ones. Who is this Vashreen guy? I would like to speak to his boss. , ,

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